Emergency Dental Care

Point Dentistry is your emergency dental clinic in Bloomington Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota. Call us now to schedule your service.   

952-881-8404 After hours call 952-428-9449

At Point Family Dentistry in Bloomington Minnesota, we provide GENTLE EMERGENCY care for those in need, whether it is during regular business hours or after hours, weekends, and holidays. Our very competent dental team will provide you with urgent professional dental care for a variety of issues such as infection, damaged teeth, knocked out teeth, and more. Emergency dental care is a special service that we offer; please give us a call to schedule an appointment.

952-881-8404 After hours call 952-428-9449

When you contact us, we will provide you with over the phone first aid to guide you in choosing the option of scheduling an appointment as soon as possible or coming right in to our clinic.

Examples of issues that needs attention may be, but are not limited to:

Tooth ache after or before dental treatment

Lost Filling, crowns or dentures

Swelling or abscess in the jaws or teeth

Teeth knocked out, Chipped Teeth, or loose teeth

Bleeding issues of the mouth, tongue, cheeks or gums

Since we cater emergency care, we are prepared to help you as soon as you can make arrangements. You do not want to be searching around and driving all over the city when we are right here in convenient Bloomington at the corner of France and Old Shakopee Road.

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